Welcome to Eden

Many of us find ourselves carving out a little corner of this world that feels safe and is reflective of what we find most important. Home. It doesn’t matter if that little corner is the interior of a first car, or if we are making an apartment feel like ours, or if we are putting the final touches on the interior of a sunlit and expansive home. When we make a place for ourselves that speaks to us and is a part of us, we are creating our own humble Eden, and we invite those we cherish most to be a part of that.


The word imparts something of safety, leisure, and communion with nature and spirituality.

Eden translates simply to “walled garden”, and for me, that invites feelings of somewhere safe, secure and secret. I think of a beautiful rose filled English garden, or maybe an oasis in the middle of a desert, or a humid retreat with a sparkling water feature and birds of paradise rising up from their smooth green leaves, bobbing their heads in a soft breeze.

And animals. Each a unique miracle of life and beauty. All God’s creatures happy to interact with me as though I was accepted family. (Well, maybe not mosquitos. They aren’t invited.)

And so I have worked to create a little Eden of my own, casting out snakes when they are discovered, and building a life that is authentic to who I am and who I wish to become.

Ok, well symbolism aside, I rarely harm actual snakes. I’m the type of person who names spiders that take up residence in my car.

This past year I had a Phil, who was the cutest little jumping spider living on my dashboard. He would wave his little spider hands at me and look at me, as curious about me as I was him. And then one day I saw Phil place a tiny opalescent string of beads in the silk on the windshield and I realized that Phil was going to be a mother! Though I was a little nervous about tiny spiders spooking me while I drove, but they hatched, said hello, and found their way to the window and the breeze.

But I digress.

My Eden is home to several animals, whom I see as my friends. I have a cow, a pair of rescue ponies, a couple of small draft horses, ducks, chickens, cats and my greatest love of all: dogs.

Dogs are likely the reason you have come to this website, and my hope is that this blog will serve as a place to find solid, research-backed information that will help you make your Eden a happier place for the humans and animals alike. I hope that I will also be able to provide information in a way that is easy to understand, and doesn’t bore you to tears. I have a tendency to be a bit long-winded, so please be aware of that, as my style may not be your cup of tea.

I also hope that this site can be a way for you to get to know me better as I share my life and family with you. And I hope that this site can be a place where you can find advice, support and comfort as you navigate hurdles in the animal friendships in your life.

I am a small-scale breeder of American Cockapoo puppies for sale as service, therapy & family pets. These guys are all-around wonderful animals. I also train dogs of all sizes and heritage and I specialize in puppy training. I also rehabilitate rescues a few times a year and share my beautiful puppies with wonderful charity organizations like Make-A-Wish and smaller, more specific programs aimed at helping special-needs children and adults looking to find new coping strategies for various complications they are dealing with.

If you’d like to know more about my breeding program or apply for one of my puppies please visit my website at AmericanCockapoo.com

I give a lot of general dog advice intended for the average pet owner. Please always refer to your dog’s specific breed and your dog’s breeder. All dogs are individuals, just as we are. You know your dog best so listen to yourself, too.

Final Thoughts

Please enjoy this site and use it as a tool to help you better understand your pup. The better trained your dog is, the happier and more enjoyable the human-dog relationship.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me: edenorchards@gmail.com . I am busy and cannot get back to every single email I receive, so please understand that i may not get back to you or it may take me a little white to respond. If you have any tips of your own I’d love to hear them, as well. I’m continually learning new things.

I hope you enjoy the site! Bye for now!


Cute Newborn Puppy Image


25 thoughts on “Welcome to Eden

  1. I found your blog on an internet site and was impressed with what you wrote. I am looking for a breeder in Washington state or Oregon. I could tell where you are located.
    I am possibly looking for the spring – early or late; just a good time to play and yes the puppy to go outside.

  2. Hello,

    I’m new at this whole thing so I just wanted to ask some questions. I read a lot on your site about the cockapoo. My family and I have been discussing getting a dog for about a year now and since the fall have been leaning towards the cockapoo. We have met and played with one at a local park a couple times and we loved her. When I talked to the owner she was saying the same things you are about their traits. I know very little very little about the process such as time frame, qualifications, and cost. Any information you could give would be wonderful. Thanks for your time.


  3. I’m looking for a golden brown cockapoo boy. Possibly service dog I have a child with Epilepsy. Can I get more info?

  4. My name is Amber Flora, and I’ve previously owned miniature schnauzers. As my 2 older dogs have just recently passed away, I am looking to get one female Cockapoo (20 lbs about) around Christmas of 2018 for my son, myself and my husband. Both hubby and son have slight asthma and dog allergy, so it’s very important to have the poodle characteristics for low dander/low shedding. I’d like to wait until 2018 as my son will be around 6 years old then and his lungs will be larger and able to handle any inflammation due to allergy than they currently do. I have experience in genetics, and I’m very keen to get an F2 or F3 animal which is something you seem to be in support of and I was relieved to see that! . I’m very interested in your dogs but I live in Colorado! Can you help me with finding other breeders who have your values that might be nearer? Any help is appreciated. And thank you for being a quality breeder in the states!

    • Hi Amber,
      Unfortunately I do not know any breeders in Colorado at this time. In fact I’m not sure there really are that many cockapoo breeders in the country that follow with the considerations I do. I know of about 4 breeders that are fabulous and would be happy to discuss if you’d like. Though none in your state 😦 I’ve been slow in email as of late but catching up if you want to email at edenorchards@gmail.com

      There is always the option of flying to get a puppy. I have homed many, many puppies in far-away states this way. It doesn’t cost much extra. About $400 and it is far better than cargo-shipping a puppy.
      Essentially you fly out one morning, meet the breeder at the airport with your puppy, spend some time going over stuff and then fly home with your puppy.

      Your puppy gets to go on board the plane, in the cabin with you. She goes under the seat in front of you. This is vastly superior to the “cargo” shipping of pets in the US. I am not vocally against cargo shipping but it is definitely far better to meet with your breeder in person.

      I just can’t imagine sending off a puppy without seeing someone in person and spending that hour plus going over things, handing over their information binder and going through training stuff… etc.

      But shipping is not “out of the question” either. Agai

      • Annette I did buy an airline approved dog carrier for under the seat, and have been putting the family’s “slightly sweaty” clothes into it for scent. I’m chomping at the bit here, but my husband says 2018. And laughs good naturedly at the carrier in our clothes closet. He keeps me balanced in waiting for Paul’s lungs to get bigger (4 yrs old this Oct) and my desire for a family dog (which I’ve always had). I still am pretty sad about loosing my two dogs in the last year, so perhaps my heart needs time too. Please put me on your wait list for summer-winter litters 2018. I’d really love to purchase from you. Oz sounds good too, but flights to Kentucky appear to have connections and can be as long as flights to New Jersey. Want our girl to have a direct flight home. I like that you tend towards under 40 lbs for mature dogs. Am I right on that? Hope all is well there, have been praying for you all. You seem so dedicated to these babies. I love that! Hurts my heart when I think of your “toughie” son and his cow puppy. Risky, this love business. Particularly with our kids. Amber


      • Chomping at the bit πŸ™‚ I’ll be here for you when you’re ready for your baby! When you pick your puppy you can send me a pillow case. You’ll all take turns sleeping on it and it’ll smell really like your house and you guys just from being in a linen cabinet or closet. So buy a cheap pillow case now and fold it up and stick it in a closet somewhere πŸ™‚
        Then when you select your puppy a few weeks before pick up you’ll send me the pillow case. I will give your baby the pillow case when she/he is snuggling with Mama those last few weeks and while sleeping at night. And your puppy will “know” you before you get here. And will associate you with mommy. This actually really does make a difference too or I wouldn’t spend the time on it. Totally worth the extra effort.

        My puppies, so far, have never been more than about 22 pounds. I have litters that are much smaller in the 14-17 pound range and then taller and sturdier dogs in the 18-22 pound range. Depends on Mommy and Daddy. For kiddos it is definitely a good idea to stick in the 22 and under range. That way they can’t really knock anyone over or cause damage with the sweep of an excited tail over a coffee table. LOL

        I’m sad for your losses too. It is always hard to lose our babies. Old and ready to go to Heaven or not. Our dogs are our friends!

        Thank you for your comment regarding my son and his little Cow Puppy. That was a big punch to the stomach for me for sure. He is such a sweet little boy and has had a very tough year, too. And he loved that dog as much as any little boy could ever love a dog. A boy and his puppy… fodder for every Disney movie on the planet. And these two were peas in a pod. I will miss seeing them climb through the “woods” behind our house and run in the grass and him convincing Cow to go down the slide (she would too). It is a sad world when little boys lose their puppies 😦 Love is a risky business for sure.

        I’m glad you’re being smart about looking for a good breeder! That is the best way to ensure your son gets bonded to a dog with the best possible health and temperament! In the meantime read the book or watch the video by Dr. Sophia Yin “Perfect Puppy in 7 Days” Its a worthwhile watch/read.

      • Thanks for your response. I’ll keep an eye on your puppies and let you know when we are ready. All the best from my family to yours! Amber

      • You got it πŸ™‚
        And no matter where you get your baby from pop in from time to time to say “hi” and remember I’m totally here for you if you have questions. Especially when I’m not going crazy trying to hold down the fort here. Haha. But typically I’m around to help if you need it. No matter where you get your cockapoo. I mean that, really truly.

      • Advice question- Will you take a deposit for late in 2018? Still hoping to get a curly girl anywhere from Aug-Dec of 2018. This is Amber Flora, we emailed a bit previously, but I’m absolutely convinced you are an excellent breeder and our little gal should come from Eden’s orchard. Advice on proceeding please, at your leisure!

  5. Hi! I lost my Airedale terrier to cancer two months ago. We are in need of having a puppy around since we love having a dog in our family and miss having one tremendously. Please let me know about your Fall Puppies. It has been a while since I looked into this process. We look forward to hearing back from you.

  6. I’m so excited to hear from you. I hope you have recieved my completed application. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

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