15 Important Lessons a Dog Will Teach Your Child

15. Playing outside is much more fun than playing video games.

14. There is never any reason to be “bored”, even if you don’t have the latest and greatest toys.

toddler and cockapoo puppy

13. Being a good friend means being devoted and loyal.

12. Snuggling up to read a book is lots of fun.

Reading with Rosie

11. Be consistent and you become reliable, something your friends will appreciate.

10. Some responsibilities cannot be put off until “later”.

12-12-13 196

9. Patience is a necessary part of life while temper tantrums scare your friends away.

Gracie meets puppy (6)

8. Teaching requires diligence and gentleness.

12-12-13 137

7. Do your work with a positive attitude.

6. Hard work pays off in wonderful ways.

Child training Buttons

5. Eat your food with enthusiasm and great appreciation.

12-12-13 158

4. When your loved ones come home from a long day at work greet them and let them know how much they were missed and how greatly they are appreciated.

Autumn and Buttons running

3. Even the bravest dogs (and people) in the whole wide world get scared sometimes.

2. Sometimes words are not needed but a hug can make things seem better.

Colt joins in

1. Selflessness is the first and most important step in cultivating a compassionate heart.

puppy hug

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