Become a Breeder and I Will Help

Many times a year I am approached or emailed by people interested in becoming a breeder. It is always a very good idea for would-be new breeders to seek out the guidance and mentorship of an experienced breeder.


We have a serious shortage of good breeders in North America and the hybrid breeds suffer the most. I am very happy to encourage breeding in any way that I can.


It is very important for those giving advice to be realistic about what breeding entails so that new breeders go into the hobby with eyes wide open.


There are a couple different types of information one can get on the internet regarding breeding. The most common type is written by those wanting to discourage the practice. They say many negative things about breeding and they over-inflate the costs associated with breeding. They actually wind up undermining their efforts because they are so outrageous it is obvious they can’t be trusted to tell the truth about the risks and costs associated with breeding. Even a small amount of research will tell the casual reader that breeding does not cost what they purport it to cost, although breeding does cost a significant amount of money.


These types of writers may pretend to be supportive of ethical breeding practices but it becomes readily apparent that they really are not. And some groups are very openly against breeding for any reason. They usually have false statistics and lots of hateful things to say, unfortunately.

Thoughtful Breeding is Important 

If it weren’t for ethical breeders the entire world’s population of dogs would become a health mess. People will always want dogs and jerks will always be around to breed dogs into the ground to try to make a buck. As long as people purchase puppies from pet stores the evil puppy factory farms will exist. If responsible breeders were to all disappear it would leave pet-seekers no choice but pet-stores for a puppy or a shelter for a grown up pet-store puppy.


And then there is the type of information that is the worst and most disgusting type. This information is put out by scammy and scummy breeders that are looking to make a quick buck by lying to you about what breeding involves and how one can make a lot of money by breeding.


I saw an advertisement for an e-book series on breeding just the other day. This jerk actually says that his readers will be sitting back, collecting an easy income in just six months from buying his book and starting their business. This is a total lie and it infuriates me that anyone would be so utterly dishonest to people to sucker them into buying a book which gives all the wrong advice about breeding. But there are always people like that on the planet; jerks that will say anything to take your money.


Breeding should be entered into with clear expectations and a dedication to what it really entails. Which, of course one cannot do if they have been deceived and expect loads of easy, fast profit. Breeding most certainly is not for everyone and it is not an “easy” side-income for the average person, as some book and business plan sellers would have you believe.


Breeding is an extremely rewarding hobby and can maintain itself if it is done carefully. One might even make a profit (which won’t amount to much as far as wage/hour). However there is not one single ethical breeder on planet Earth that can make enough money on their puppies to support a family.


Ethical breeders make their money selling advice to other breeders, grooming and/or training services, selling quality products that they approve of and writing books, apps and other things to help the dog lovers of the world.


Breeding is not lucrative unless you are doing it in a way that makes you a total jerk.


Unfortunately these garbage breeders (as I call them) make up the bulk of dog breeders these days. Sad but true. And it is especially more true in the hybrid dog world. One activist has coined the term “blood puppy” to help people remember that the poorly-bred puppy comes from suffering, much like a “blood diamond”.

Why Breed?

If you’re considering breeding I am here to tell you that it is absolutely wonderful and while it isn’t right for everyone it is amazingly rewarding for those it is right for. Breeding is genuinely awesome and if you really love dogs and are considering contributing to the world of whatever breed it is you love then join me in the ranks of ethical breeders working to improve dogs and their wonderful relationship with people.


If you’re considering breeding I am happy to be a resource for you because I will help encourage responsible breeding any way I can. There are a lot of people out there looking for well-bred dogs. A lot. People are finally starting to pay attention and they are not buying pet store puppies as much as before. People are starting to really want to support the ethical and humane treatment of breeding dogs and puppies. And furthermore people are starting to get frustrated with buying dogs that are far too sick.


So it is time for ethical breeders to really come back into existence and help fill the demand with a supply of lovingly bred animals of the highest quality.


There are a few things to consider seriously when becoming a breeder. Probably the two most important things to think about when starting a breeding program are time and money. I’m going to explain money first because it is really the most important thing when you get down to practicality.


You can read the true profits of breeding dogs in my very next post, as a good place to start.

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