Producing Puppy Perfection

We start with selecting the finest parents but that is only the very beginning. Creating dogs with stellar temperaments requires more than just putting two excellent parents together. We also provide our growing puppies with the best scientifically-proven methods available to produce smarter, more confident dogs that make amazing companions and dedicated workers.

Want to know a bit about what we do in order to strive for puppy perfection? Each stage of puppy growth and development has its own special exercises in our program. I have posted this information (along with information on these various growth stages) on my website HERE. Take a look and see what the very best dog breeders do for their litters.

You don’t have to settle for a kennel-raised puppy. If only more puppy buyers demanded the proper techniques be used in raising the puppies we would eliminate the money-hungry irresponsible breeders in the world and eradicate a large source of animal abuse and dogs that wind up in shelters due to expensive medical problems or unmanageable temperament issues. These bad-breeders would stop producing their sub-par puppy supply because the demand would dry up for them.

Puppies have a fleeting window of opportunity for humans to properly socialize and enrich their environment(s) in a way that will produce the very best possible puppies. When combined with excellent genetics these techniques give every single puppy the absolute best chance possible to function as amazing companion animals (and therefore stay out of shelters and rescues).


If you don’t have an interest (or the time) to read all about the various stages of development then please skip around to see what our program entails.

The program (in a nutshell) includes using:

  • the Bio-Sensor program developed by Dr. Carmen Battaglia and backed by a fleet of scientific experiments and data that confirm the program’s effectiveness. You can also see how we apply the Bio-Sensor program here on our puppies complete with photographs and an explanation of the daily rituals we go through with one of our newborn infant puppies. I have detailed this day-in-the-life-of-a-newborn-Eden-Puppy here (with lots of photos) on the Newborn Neurological Stimulation page on my website.
  • We include the use of sensory stimulating smells in our “Scent-sory Jars” post which also includes lots of photos.
  • as well as texture in our sensory board post which also includes lots of photos.
  • We include the use of sounds and sound effects from realistic cd’s as well as exposure to normal sounds we all have everyday in the home. This is one way being raised in the house is really beneficial. Normal noises like a blender, vacuum cleaner and other appliances do not phase our babies. They have their sense of hearing so we’re going to use it! Sounds like:
    • the ocean
    • fireworks
    • thunder storms
    • city traffic
    • construction work and so forth are played while the puppies nurse from Mama in a safe, warm and happy environment.
    • I use a collection of high quality sound effects that includes well over 100 sounds that your dog may encounter in his/her lifetime.
  • Our program also includes the use of a Puppy Adventure Box which is a large cube filled with all kinds of exciting sensory stimulating objects to be touched, tasted and explored by our new little dogs.
  • We use a puppy playground as our little ones grow in size. This includes:
    • a balancing board
    • puppy-sized teeter-totter
    • puppy swing
    • lots of beach sand to dig and sink in
    • safely and specifically constructed mud puddles,
    • and more.
  • Our puppies are introduced gently to water and swimming around this time.
  • They also play and learn in our puppy ball pit which is always a lot of fun to watch.
  • Our little guys find themselves in long tunnels
  • up steep hills
  • on surfaces that move in surprising ways
  •  and all sorts of unpredictable situations.

 Early Training

All of this work-through-play teaches our puppies to have the confidence that makes a truly great dog and helps our little guys develop a quick-thinking, problem-solving brain. Prior to formal training we’re providing lots of opportunities for the puppies to learn. We’re enriching the puppies’ environment, encouraging individual mental and physical growth and helping our baby dogs to be the best dogs they can be.

Whereas training is about shaping the natural behaviors of our dogs to suit our human lives (and for fun, games, activity and so forth) our early program is about helping to shape the natural temperament a dog has, increase their ability and desire to learn in the first place and increase their confidence about their ability to take on the world around them fearlessly.

We also work on very early formal training here. Formal training begins as soon as the puppies can see, hear, walk and respond critically to external stimuli (not just reflexively or instinctively). Most training comes when the puppies begin to wean. They can learn “puppies come here” to receive their food. They also begin to learn to eliminate outside or on puppy pee-pads. They begin to learn to sit for treats and pets as well. Puppies learn to ride in a car and sleep in a crate independently.

Most importantly we establish a good foundation for future training. We teach our puppies to earn positive rewards from people by doing simple things they are already inclined to do. We help the puppies “connect the dots” between earning something great and the action that was done which earned that great something. The training “light bulb” goes off in their little heads and they go home ready and eager to learn from their people and earn their meals.

I hope you find this all as interesting as I do 🙂

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