Honey’s Litter 2016

Puppy Health Record

Birth Date: November 27th, 2016

Breed: purebred American cockapoo

Sire:    Jacob’s Dandelion Summer (Dandy)        Dam: Eden’s Honeyed Wine (Honey)

  • Prcd-PRA clear/normal by parentage DNA run by Optigen (progressive retinal atrophy)
  • PFK (phosphofructokinase) deficiency clear/normal by parentage DNA (Optigen lab)

Both parents: eyes: clear, cardiac: normal and hips and knees: good

All breeding dogs at Eden Orchards have tested negative for the MDR1 mutation gene. Puppy will be free from the mutation by parentage.


Preventative Parasite Treatments:

Parent dogs and all adult dogs maintained on monthly ectoparasite preventatives to exclude during gestation and nursing periods in dams. (Advantix II)

Puppy maintained on probiotics since weaning date at 5.5 weeks of age


Date of Fecal: 3rd January, 2017     Fecal results: negative (entire litter and Dam)


Date: 03JAN17

Puppies 5 weeks of age

Preventative medications administered:



Date: 10JAN17

Puppies 6 weeks of age

Preventative medications administered:

Fenbenzadole (x 5 days)

Parvo/Distemper vaccine administered: Merck Novibak ser: 04020011  Exp: 09AUG2018


Date: 18JAN17

Puppies 7 weeks of age

Preventative medications administered:

Pyrantel pamoate




Preventative vaccinations can be a controversial subject. As such it is recommended that you discuss what vaccinations are recommended for your geographical location with a pet-health professional that you trust.


Eden Orchards’ preventative care and disease treatment recommendations are subject to change with advances in animal medicine, changes in professionally accepted protocols and the natural changes in regional canine diseases. However, we always recommend a cautious approach to medications and encourage laboratory testing such as vaccine titer tests to ensure vaccine efficacy and fecal examinations prior to administering medications and prophylactic treatment. A cautious approach and prudent advice from a trusted veterinarian will always keep you and your canine companions in the best health possible in all circumstances.


As of fall/winter 2016 puppies in the care of Eden Orchards’ are vaccinated with high-titer vaccines for Parvovirus and Distemper at 6 weeks of age.


Due to the nature of maternal-led or “natural” weaning (dam tends to wean puppies much later than traditionally bred puppies which are unnaturally weaned by human interference) this litter was not vaccinated with the traditional 5-way vaccine.


The history at our kennel with blood titer levels have indicated that when the weaning date is this late the maternal antibodies interfere with vaccine efficacy. We no longer vaccinate puppies with 5-way shots when the dam of that litter chooses to wean the puppies later than 4.5 weeks of age. No point in exposing puppies needlessly to excess vaccinations.


My puppies respond well to vaccines brand “Vanguard” and “Proguard” by Pfizer. In my experience, I see dramatically fewer side effects with this vaccination while I have seen very violent and unfavorable reactions to lower quality vaccine preparations.


Breeder recommendations for this breed/litter

This mixed breed does not carry the MDR1 mutation and can tolerate most medications (such as ivermectin) well and hardily.

Tendency for yeast infections in the ears should be mitigated by regular and thorough drying of the ear and occasional rinse with vinegar and water 1:1

Do not recommend drying ear washes or rinses for this breed. No alcohol or excessively drying agents. They cause a difficult to end cycle of irritation and yeast overgrowth.

Regular yeast infections should not be considered “normal” as this particular puppy has been bred specifically to reduce genetic skin problems and ear problems. Should regular ear issues become a problem it is time to consider husbandry at home (no matter how you slice it a drop ear with little circulation is going to have moisture issues) and carbohydrate content in diet. Yeast infections on the skin and paws are not common in this mixed breed despite the cocker spaniel lineage. Skin yeast infections require careful examination of dog for other immune problems and closer look into the dog’s diet.

I recommend vaccinations for parvovirus, distemper and age-appropriate rabies (at 6 mos of age or older whenever possible) only.

I recommend regular prevention of parasites, particularly ectoparasites as they are very hard to see through the coat on a cockapoo. This prevention plan does not require medication or chemicals but that is the simplest way to ensure your pet is protected.


Keep puppy on a high quality probiotic supplement for the first year, until vaccinations and altering are complete and healed. Resume probiotic treatment during times of illness and especially during treatment with antibiotics.

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