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27 weeks 022

Might as well post a pregnancy picture since I seem to be in that state nearly constantly these days! 🙂



I’m a small scale breeder of American Cockapoo puppies for service, therapy & family pets. Read all about my breeding program and meet my gorgeous dogs at  AmericanCockapoo.com

Mother, Breeder, Friend

The rest of my time is devoted to my wonderful husband and four (almost five) beautiful children. I stay home to care for our children and animals full-time (puppies take a lot more time than many people realize; when they are cared for properly that is). One day, when the children are grown and our breeding dogs are all happily retired and sleeping on the couch, I’d like to return to hospice nursing, which is a love of mine. I had thought I’d eventually become a certified nurse midwife but God had other ideas and placed a strong love of hospice work in my heart during my school days.

My husband and I are both veterans of the US Armed Forces (that’s right, girls make great soldiers and sailors too!) But these days my husband is making electricity at s local nuclear power plant and I make people. Ok, I also make adorable dogs and the occasional yummy cupcake dozen 😉 I love to bake and my oldest daughters especially enjoy playing “Cupcake Wars” with Mama. I love to garden and I have several flower gardens as well.

My breeding and training services are relatively small scale, and are something I do because I love these animals and it is really rewarding to be able to share something I love so very much with other like-minded people. Animals are soothing and therapeutic in a way that is difficult to put into words. We have our dogs, a few delightful blue-factor Budgies and a little flock of chickens. I also thoroughly enjoy horseback riding as well as just giving a horse a big hug! If we ever build a barn I’ll have a pony and a dairy cow, no questions asked!

Rosie, Rusty and a baby Autumn in front of the dog house (with me)

To go on a virtual tour of our humble little Eden Orchards click HERE

To look at my small personal “mommy blog” you can see me at The Wholesome Homemaker where I discuss my ultimate job: attempting to create a wholesome home for my people and fur family members.

And that is Annette in a page 🙂

8 thoughts on “About Annette

  1. Annette – I just love your site. Some day when we are looking for a puppy I will definitely be in touch. For now, I just like smiling at your beautiful puppies and spirit!

  2. I love your site. Even though I had a cockapoo for 15 years, I learned so much reading your site last night. I totally agree on your views on tail docking etc. I so want to adopt an Eden puppy! ASAP!

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