The Search for Your Heart Dog

Whether you’re looking for a new puppy or adult dog you’ll want to know which dog is right for you, where you should get him/her and what you need to get to prepare for your new arrival. Find help you on your quest for your next best friend (or addition to your pack).

  • Bargain Puppy: What is the real price of owning a dog, and why is it risky to save a couple hundred and get a bargain-priced puppy?
  • Choosing a Breeder: This is the hardest part of picking your puppy. This is much more important than selecting your individual dog, in fact. Learn what to look for!
  • Questions to Ask a Breeder: What should you ask when interviewing a breeder? What do the answers mean? (I answer all of these questions about my own breeding practices HERE.)

3 thoughts on “The Search for Your Heart Dog

  1. Hi!

    My name is Arnisha. I discovered your site last night and was very impressed with your knowledge of Cockapoos and the comprehensiveness of your site. Most importantly, you really appear to LOVE these dogs, which means that you wouldn’t mistreat them. This is critical to me as we are 1st-time dog owners.

    I completed an application for one of your puppies last night as I’ve been looking for a Cockapoo for my family for the past few weeks. I hope to hear back from you soon.

    I have a couple questions:
    1) Why are your parents Cockapoos only vs. breeding a Poodle with a Cocker Spaniel? Said differently, why don’t you breed F1 Cockapoos? What is the difference in temperament and appearance when you breed cockapoos only vs. breeding 1st generation Cockapoos?
    2) When do you anticipate having your next litter?
    3) Can you tell me more about the parents’ temperaments?

    It would be great if we could speak on the phone. You can reach me at 917-922-6074. Please let me know a good time for us to chat.

    Thank you and enjoy this beautiful weather!


    • I’m sorry I missed this. I hope you found your baby!!! And I do really, really LOVE these dogs. For future people that see this comment I will answer your questions. And I really hope you found a wonderful companion!!!
      1) you get results you can count on when you breed multigeneration dogs. It is a genetics thing mostly. You can’t get anything consistent whatsoever with an F1. You just can’t. If you want results then you need to know your genetics and breed for them specifically and carefully.
      2)I have babies all year round. Typically one litter every couple of months. My waiting list does tend to get a bit long. I need more puppies! But if I had 5 litters a month to keep up with demand, of course, I could never properly care for all the little loves the way they deserve!
      3) every set of parents has their own specific sets of traits and so discussing a specific prospective litter is the better way to do things. I breed based on my favorite traits of the cockapoo in general which I set forth in my “perfect family dog” post.

      I’d love an update if you see this! Hope you found a beautiful and wonderful baby!!

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