Internal parasites are a subject I know WAY too much about. Why? Because they’re gross, fascinating, and affect every dog and new puppy owner. If it concerns the health of my people or my animals, you can believe I’ve done my homework. So let’s talk parasites. Yep. That’s what I want to write about. Charming […]

Is Your Dog Dominant?

Here is a really big, really important question: Is my puppy dominant? Or Is my rescue dominant? Or is my adult dog dominant? And I have the answer!   The fact is that your puppy is not dominant. Because dogs do not suffer from “dominant personality disorder” the way that people do. (I’m sure you’ve […]

Accepting a Collar and Leash

The first time your “wild” puppy has to wear a collar or harness can be a strange experience and the first exposure to the leash is often going to yield a less than impressed canine. Getting your puppy to accept this kind of free-confinement can be a bit tricky and many puppies rebel quite openly […]

Quick & Dirty; Potty Training

Potty Training: the Quick & Dirty Praise-Anticipate-Watch-Supervise P.A.W.S. and think when house-training; don’t punish for accidents!     Praise your puppy right as he finishes “going” in the right spot Anticipate his needs by scheduling your puppy Watch for potty cues: sniffing and circling indicate a need to “go” Supervise your puppy at all times […]

Schedule for Puppy

(Suggested) Puppy Schedule (PEPS) Potty Eat Potty and Play Sleep Wake-up 6-7 a.m.          Potty Eat & Drink Potty Play (Supervised free-play, tethered on leash or a walk) Potty Sleep (Nap) 1-3 hours   (Repeat PEPS)   Noon Potty Eat & Drink (if you’re feeding twice a day then skip this step) Potty Play (Supervised free-play, […]