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merle pup out of Fern

Blue merle out of Eden’s Painted Fern

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    • Haha! Oh if only I had a post for that. I think I’ll write one just because this question is so sweet.

      It is very tough to convince your parents that you’re ready for the responsibility that a dog brings on. Especially because when you’re finally at the age to prove that you’re really ready for that huge undertaking you’re also only a few years away from leaving home and going to a university or some school and moving out on your own.

      A dog is a 10 yr commitment minimum. So in the end Mom and Dad have to be really willing and able to commit long term to your dog. It is a big thing to ask of them. Ultimately they have to be willing to back you up. Sort of like asking them to co-sign on a very big loan.

      Read some books. Start with “Perfect Puppy in 7 Days” and “Puppy Start Right”. Not too pricey on Amazon.

      Work out a schedule. What will you do with the puppy while you’re away at school or work? When will you feed, water, exercise the dog.

      Write up an honest amount of money that this puppy is going to cost. Forget the initial cost. That is nothing compared to the long term cost of a dog. Food will cost more than the up front amount each year alone. Toys, vet bills, etc. Do you have a job? Are you really able to appreciate how much money you’re asking your parents to spend?

      Many parents really are happy to spend the money if only their child said “here Mom and Dad… I realize how expensive this dog is going to be and I will appreciate every single cent and will hold up my end of the bargain to care for the dog in these ways -then list your responsibilities”

      Then you need to honestly come up with agreements for consequences should you fail at one or more of your responsibilities. If your Mom has to say “Sienna you didn’t feed the dog before school so I had to” then you should be willing to give something up as a “payment” to your mom or essentially as a fine. The same way we all get fines and tickets as adults when we screw up. 😉

      Are you willing to agree to give up “screen time” for a week? Your phone for three days? Any other privilege? Money?

      Set everything up so they don’t have to and you’re very likely to show your parents how much work you’re really willing to do for this dog and how you really understand everything that is going to go into this responsibility. I know I’d get my child a dog if he/she actually did all of that. And probably would do it with a big, proud smile on my face and a whispered prayer that they stuck through every tough part of puppy training.

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