Puppy Custard

1 ½ cups (12 oz) whole fat evaporated milk (cow or goat) 1 ½ cups hot water 1 cup whole fat plain or vanilla yogurt (no artificial sweeteners but it can contain sugar) 2 large egg yolks (whites can be included for puppies over 4 weeks of age if desired – I cook and serve […]

Dog Food Myth #1

Dry Kibble is Good for Dogs’ Teeth Myth: Dry dog cereal type commercial food/kibble is good for your dog’s teeth. Don’t feed a wet food diet because that is bad for your dog’s teeth. I remember repeating that over and over again to clients, as instructed to by the veterinarian I worked for. I remember […]

Best Dog Food for Sensitive Puppies

(Watch for part II, best kibble for sensitive puppies, coming soon.) This post is dedicated to a lovely lady who loves her dog (& who follows this blog). This particular pup has a very sensitive tummy. Once again, another nutrition-uneducated veterinarian shoved prescription food at the poor doggie-dear (that stuff is so horrible, it is […]

The Dirty Dozen

Requirements for Food to Pass the Eden-Dog Sniff Test What do I require in a dog food? As you’ve probably already guessed, I expect a lot. In order to earn a high rating on the Annette-scale of dog food acceptability the companies must check off boxes in most of the requirements listed below: 1)     Be […]

The Big Players in Pet Food

Soap, battery acid, diapers, home pregnancy tests, dangerous chemicals, chocolate, sneakers, gum and syrupy fruit cocktail; what do they have in common with dog kibble? Well, on the surface the answer is absolutely nothing; but when you delve a little deeper you’ll see that the connection is there (and upon cursory inspection, a bit odd). […]

How Much Does it Cost to Feed My Dog?

How much should it cost to feed my dog? Does it really “break the bank” to feed your dog a premium 5-star commercial food? How does that cost compare with feeding your dog a home-made real-meat diet? Doesn’t it cost a fortune to feed your dog real chicken every day? What about those fancy grain-free high-quality […]

How to Feed Your New Puppy

**This is a very general guideline for feeding the average puppy, with specifics included regarding the average American Cockapoo. Please keep in mind that very small and very large breed puppies can need very different and specific feeding regimens and no matter what you should always consult your specific breeder and your veterinarian about any feeding recommendations for your little […]

Sweets, Snacks & Supplements, Oh My!

One of the greatest things about having a dog is teaching him/her fun tricks. Our dogs can do a wide array of tricks on command and the training is almost as fun as the final result! There is nearly no such thing as training without treats! You can teach your dog to respond to a […]

Recommended Dog Food

Question: Help! Dog Food… Sifting through all the dog food options is a nightmare! What do you recommend? Answer: Well, I don’t recommend commercial dog food at all, frankly, but I’m a realist. Most people feed their dogs manufactured dog food. I also keep some kibble around the house in case there is an emergency […]

Are dogs Carnivores or Omnivores?

Question: Are dogs carnivorous or omnivorous? Answer: This seems like an oh-so-simple question which requires an oh-so-simple answer. Unfortunately, it is not that simple of an answer. Very simply, dogs are carnivorous. Wild dogs and their cousin wolves have never EVER been found in corn fields, stripping away ears of corn, shucking them, tearing off […]