Shopping Puppies

I took two little babies with me on a shopping trip to Petsmart last night. It is a great place to go when trying to train and socialize new puppies. You cannot allow the puppies to walk on the floor (since sick dogs may have trekked through here) but a clean blanket laid in the […]

How to Groom a Cockapoo

If you own a cockapoo you may be starting to notice that your little furry friend requires some amount of grooming. All cockapoos require a comb out every week at a minimum. I like using a simple metal-toothed comb and while I’ve used every other fancy comb and brush in existence the metal toothed comb […]

Early Temperament Evaluations

*If you’re reading this it might be because I’m getting ready to post some information about temperament evaluations on your litter*   How much can we tell about a dog’s future temperament from early puppy evaluations? Well, that is definitely a topic of much debate. Some extraordinary top trainers will take whatever puppy is leftover […]

Book Review: Perfect Puppy in 7 Days

I have made it a personal mission to read as many training and dog-relevant books as humanly possible, so that I can offer recommendations to my new puppy families as well as my followers on this humble little blog.   Perfect Puppy in 7 Days by Dr. Sophia Yin DVM, MS Let me start off […]

Have a Problem With Your Dog? Read Here!

So you have a problem with Fido, hmm? Well it could be any problem, right? Maybe he is growling at you when you reach down to take his food bowl, or he is snapping and posturing at your other dog during meals? Maybe he is peeing on your bathroom floor every single night? Maybe he […]

Which Type of Trainer Will You Be?

This is Part two in my “Discovering Training” series. Be sure not to miss parts one and three You Are a Trainer If you own a pet dog then you are a trainer. If you own any companion animal, for that matter, you are a trainer. You may not be training consciously, but you are training […]

The Best Way to Teach a Dog

  According to real science and not emotions.     This is part three in my “Discovering Training” series. Be sure to read parts one and two as well.   People used to think that the best way to teach a human child was to have the child sit and do copy-work. Tons and tons […]