Going Head-to-Head with Puppy Aggression

A couple weeks ago you brought home this sweet, fluffy, cuddle-lamb puppy. He was so gentle and cautious about the world around him. Confidently exploring while keeping tabs on you… you know, everything you were looking for in a puppy. And you conquered crate training! Well, maybe mostly-sorta. At least the puppy isn’t screaming in […]

Tail Docking and Dewclaw Removal

Would you cut off a body part for beauty? Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and is most certainly dependent on the specific society making the judgment and their current trends and norms, it is an ever-changing, dramatically variable standard. What is beautiful today will be ugly in the blink of a […]

What is Your Bargain Puppy Really Costing You?

*The price of your puppy is LESS THAN 10% of the total cost of owning a dog!!*   Puppies are expensive because it costs a lot of money (and much more time than you think) to produce high quality puppies. What does it cost to raise a high quality litter of puppies? A whole lot more than […]

Dog Years; How Old is Your Dog

Dog Years I’ve always found the average computation for “dog years” to be inaccurate. Of course it doesn’t exactly matter. But I happen to need to go do chores so perhaps I’ll delay myself in the name of accuracy 😉   First we need an average age of death for the American Cockapoo. Since there […]