Coccidia and the Healthy Dog

What is coccidia and how do dogs and puppies acquire this illness? Read on to find out about this nastiness…

Hypoallergenic Dogs

Question: My wife and I are thinking about bringing a dog into our family. However, my allergies are very sensitive. Recently, my wife’s parents purchased an F2 cockapoo. I can tolerate this dog much better and I was even able to hold the dog. Although my allergies did not bother me as much as when […]

Non Shedding Dog

The Wonderful Non-Shedding Dog with Hair… not Fur I think we’ve all heard of this miraculous shed-free hypoallergenic wonder dog. Now if only he could walk himself and clean up his own poop? (Next thing you know they’ll be selling puppies with severe coprophasia as self-cleaning wonder dogs!) The answer to the question “do Cockapoos shed?” […]