Toys! Toys! Toys!

Question: Help! There are so many different kinds of toys available for dogs, and some of them are really pricey. Which ones should I choose? Answer: There are as many toys out there as dog breeds. When choosing a dog toy you will have to consider the dog’s breed, size and most importantly, your dog’s […]

Male or Female

Question: What differences do you notice between male and female cockapoos? And can Cockapoos show favoritism toward one person in the family over others? I want our dog to love me too but I work all day and my spouse will be home! Answer: To address your concerns about favoritism, in my personal experience this is not […]

What to Buy for Puppy

Wondering what to buy for a new puppy? You don’t want to leave anything out and yet there are a million supplies out there. What is necessary, what is just extra? What do I recommend? Below is my “ABC puppy list”. I have made an effort to make this basic suggested supply list as simple […]