Anyone that knows me can tell you that I am crazy about my Cockapoos. I’m one dog away from being “the crazy dog lady” and you’re invited to benefit from (and possibly learn to share) my passion. Learn all you ever wanted to know (and probably a whole lot more) about this wonderful breed.

January 5 057


All About the Cockapoo

  • What is a Hybrid? Are you unsure what this term actually means when applied to animals? Maybe you just want to be sure you understand it correctly. I’ve written a short and sweet explanation for you.
  • Is the Cockapoo really a “breed”? Learn why people can’t agree on an answer. Some say a crossbred dog is an abomination. Others welcome improvement and progress. I embrace the breed and the chance it brings for health and vitality to be resurrected in the dog world. Besides, I’m an American; ingenuity is my heritage.
  • Hypoallergenic Dogs For an allergy sufferer (or the parent of one) this sounds almost too good to be true. Is it? Read this before committing yourself to any dog.
  • Is the Cockapoo right for you? Many people search for the perfect dog for their family.  Read the article to find out why I believe the American Cockapoo is the all around winner of best family dog.
  • Male or Female which is makes the better pet? Is there much of a difference at all between the sexes in this breed? What can you expect? Learn the real differences and which may be best for you.
  • Docked Tails: Many breeders are still docking the tails on our Cockapoos along with cutting off dewclaws. Learn about these body parts and decide for yourself if you’d prefer your puppy keep her parts or have them removed.


Cockapoo Coats

  • A Non-Shedding Dog What does this term really mean and how does it apply to Cockapoos? Read on to discover the truth
  • What kind of coat does a Cockapoo have? What kind of coat should a Cockapoo have? With so many private breeders lying to make a fast profit, it can be so confusing and difficult to find the truth! Well search no more. Learn all about the lovely coat varieties in this wonderful breed. There is a coat type for every taste. Which one do you adore? They’re all gorgeous and look brilliant on this sweet little clown of a companion.
  • Choosing Your Puppy; Coat Prediction. how can you tell which coat will look like what when the puppies are so young? Their coats can change dramatically as they grow, be sure the coat you fell in love with when researching the breed is the one that you’ll wind up having on your adult dog.
  • DNA Testing for Coat Type – Coat type is very important to some families and there is no need to play a guessing game with a simple, inexpensive and non-invasive test available to any breeder or pet owner!

2 thoughts on “Cockapoos

  1. Thanks for the links you provide on your article! Cockapoos are very loving, affectionate and easy going. They can adapt to all types of living situations. They’re good around children as well! I highly recommend it for anyone. I’m sure they’ll find them as worthy companion.

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