Cockapoo Coats

One of the biggest reasons people choose the cockapoo as their breed of choice is the coat the cockapoo can  have. Since this hybrid dog can vary dramatically depending on the breeder, generation and parent dogs it means there are a lot of variables in coat types and just a lot of coat types in general.

There are a lot of things to know about all that fluff surrounding that cute dog. This is the place to learn anything and everything about cockapoo hair!


A Non-Shedding Dog What does this term really mean and how does it apply to Cockapoos? Read on to discover the truth


What kind of coat does a Cockapoo have? What kind of coat should a Cockapoo have? With so many private breeders lying to make a fast profit, it can be so confusing and difficult to find the truth! Well search no more. Learn all about the lovely coat varieties in this wonderful breed. There is a coat type for every taste. Which one do you adore? They’re all gorgeous and look brilliant on this sweet little clown of a companion.


Choosing Your Puppy; Coat Prediction. how can you tell which coat will look like what when the puppies are so young? Their coats can change dramatically as they grow, be sure the coat you fell in love with when researching the breed is the one that you’ll wind up having on your adult dog.


DNA Testing for Coat Type – Coat type is very important to some families and there is no need to play a guessing game with a simple, inexpensive and non-invasive test available to any breeder or pet owner!


How to Groom a Cockapoo – here is a nice step-by-step to groom your sweetie like a pro right in the comfort of your home.


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2 thoughts on “Cockapoo Coats

    • You can look in the breed-specific rescue groups but you’re going to find that a cockapoo difficult to come by. They really are such nice little dogs that people have a tendency to not give them up to rescues (ie keep them forever). Good news for the dogs, bad news for adult dog seekers.

      Best thing you could possibly do (better than rescue in my opinion) would be to adopt a dog from a breeding operation such as mine. This is the tricky bit, though. Many breeders are nothing like me and adopting one of their adult dogs could be a giant mistake. Unsocialized kennel-kept dogs can even be dangerous.

      A sure-fire way to find out if a retired breeding dog is a mess or a good potential companion is to ask the breeder if he/she is a house-trained dog.
      A good breeder will have house-trained dogs. Every one of them. Your answer should be something like “well it’s always a bit of an adjustment, going to a new home. But this dog was raised as a puppy in a home for the first year of life before ever becoming a kennel animal”

      The problem with a breeder like that is they tend to have a list for days of people wanting an adult retired animal. So it is purely a luck thing!!

      I hope you find the doggy of your dreams!!!

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