Eden’s American Hazel

Finding a healthy, happy dog is the beginning. First you select the right breed for you, then you find a fantastic breeder, then you select your perfect best friend. After that it is all up to you. Even the adult shelter dog with a myriad of problems can be trained to be the best he can be!

Here you will find a growing collection of training articles written by me.

Training Logs

Soon I will be posting little updates about the puppies that I am training here. I am usually training someone, whether it is a new potential candidate for our breeding program or one of the puppies we just delivered and raised. I love puppy training with all its ups and downs and even with the frustrations that can come along with it. It is so much fun to get to know each individual baby and watch them discover the world and learn to communicate effectively with humans. I love watching their successes! It makes each night of interrupted sleep worth the effort!

Socialization – I take puppy trainees shopping


Discovering Training

  • Part One: Don’t Choke the Dog; and other thoughts on medieval training practices. This is your intro to the two different types of training styles, as well as an honorable mention for the three most popular and controversial training tools for dogs.
  • Part Two: Which Type of Trainer Will You Be? helps to tell you the basics about the two different types of training styles, so you can start to make your decisions.
  • Part Three: The Best Way to Teach a Dog: which style is the best style? Ooh-I know! Pick me! Pick me!

Basic Manners


  • Have a problem with your dog? Read this to find out what kind of problem you’re having so that you can get on the fastest road to success as possible. All problems to include barking, “accidents”, jumping up, food aggression, just about anything you can think of: this article is the place to start!!


Book Reviews

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