Health and Maintenance

Sable merle out of RosieDogs are living, breathing creatures. They are intelligent and complex mammals and have their own requirements. It is easy to think your dog is like a little furry person, a member of your family with ideas and feelings, but it is very important not to forget that your dog is not a person. He is a dog, and as such he has special needs that cannot be met by treating him like your furry kid. Here I am posting articles that will help you care for your dog(s) the very best you can. Remember there is always a difference between thriving and surviving and you want to give your dog the long, healthy life he deserves for all the loyalty and affection he lavishes on you.

Diet & Nutrition Feeding your dog or puppy can get downright complicated. It doesn’t help that the vast majority of veterinarians don’t understand doggie nutrition. Big food companies will happily poison your dog (quickly or slowly) so long as they get their money. How can you feed your dog easily, inexpensively and safely? Read on

Disease & Disorders Dogs get sick, just like people do. Find out some of the things that can go wrong and what you can do to ensure your baby has a long, healthy and comfortable life.

Ear Health Some breeds have infamously troublesome ears. All dogs can have problems with their ears, though. Learn to recognize issues, treat them and the easy way to avoid them for the life of your dog.

Physical & Mental Exercise A bored and energetic dog is a real problem. These dogs make up a large portion of those surrendered to shelters and rescues. It happens to be a very simple problem to fix that doesn’t require any special training skills or expensive tools outside ordinary dog supplies. Learn how to keep your dog and family happy and problem free.

Reproductive Health It is always interesting to know some of the things that are important when breeding a dog. Males and females have other reproductive health issues even if they are never bred, even if they are surgically sterilized.

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