Physical and Mental Exercise

Running Rosie 3Dogs require both physical and mental exercise every single day, just like we humans. And also just like humans the amount of stimulation needed varies greatly from individual to individual. This is one of those times when knowing your dog’s breed(s) really comes in handy. Keep in mind, however, that a dog’s breed(s) is only a general guide to understanding a dog’s heritage and possible (if not likely) traits and drives, but knowing your dog as an individual member of the species C. lupus (wolf) is most important of all.

Toys, toys, toys: there are so many options. What works, what doesn’t? This article is specifically regarding soft-mouthed dog breeds. Those with steel trap jaws won’t use the same toys, especially when they’re teething.

Treadmills for Dogs: why I think this is an excellent tool for your dog and highly recommend a cheapy treadmill to all dog owners that aren’t regular runners themselves (and therefore taking their dogs on daily jaunts).

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