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Grooming your doodle or ‘poo yourself can be a really wonderful experience. It can also be a really challenging experience. And sending your baby off for grooming can be a real expensive experience, so grooming at home is a good idea if you’re at all inclined to give it a go.

I’ve been making a series of videos on grooming your dog at home, yourself. Called “Home Groom” (sort of like “Home Room”… cute, right?) šŸ˜‰

I will be posting these videos with titles like “HG #12: Tarter removal”. You can assume the HG means the video listed is part of the “Home Groom” series. I do have some other random cute videos up. And I intend to start posting puppy training tutorials as well, which will have some other designator in the title to make locating them easier for you.

You can see these videos on my You Tube channel and I will keep this page updated with a “table of contents” and description for the videos that I have on my You Tube page. I am making an effort to post a blog for each video tutorial I upload as well.

I have my little Intro to the series here:Ā Video #1: Intro and Disclaimer

Bath and Prep Work: Ā  These topics are covered in videosĀ 1-4 and the blog post covers these videos and the supplies I use, etc. and can be found at: Bath & Prep Work Blog PostĀ 

Here are the videos #2 Questions & AnswersĀ covers a bunch of stuff that you probably didn’t know about bathing your dog.Ā #3 Bathing the DogĀ covers the actual physical part of bathing your dog. Cute puppy in the video too.Ā #4 Drying the Dog ProperlyĀ covers using a high velocity dryer to properly prepare your baby for a groom.

Hair Clipping:

The first set of hair-cut videos featureĀ Ginger, a 14 week old puppy getting her first real full haircut. These videos are aimed at anyone beginning to groom their dog at home themselves. The Beginner Clip: Body Blog Post will detail a bit more about the video and the supplies needed.Ā The video HG #5 Beginner Clip: Body/trunk gives you a lot of info to begin working with. The following videos will detail the rest of the dog. So if it isn’t covered in this video, don’t worry. It will get covered.


* I call any “poodle” mix breed a “doodle” just for reference. So if you have a labradoodle, goldendoodle, cockapoo, cavapoo, whatever you have. A “doodle” or “‘poo” is a poodle hybrid dog in Eden Dog land and I use these terms interchangeably.*

2 thoughts on “Home Groom

  1. Please tell me where you got the big blue tub with insert. Itā€™s the one that you used in the bath video.
    I have two puppies and a disease that attacks my spinal column. My husband is willing to install it for me if I can find it!
    I know that you are very busy and I donā€™t mean to bother you, but I really need your help! I have been unable to find it myself, but I have tried desperately!
    Thank you for your time and help, truly!

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