The Dirty Dozen

Requirements for Food to Pass the Eden-Dog Sniff Test What do I require in a dog food? As you’ve probably already guessed, I expect a lot. In order to earn a high rating on the Annette-scale of dog food acceptability the companies must check off boxes in most of the requirements listed below: 1)     Be […]

The Big Players in Pet Food

Soap, battery acid, diapers, home pregnancy tests, dangerous chemicals, chocolate, sneakers, gum and syrupy fruit cocktail; what do they have in common with dog kibble? Well, on the surface the answer is absolutely nothing; but when you delve a little deeper you’ll see that the connection is there (and upon cursory inspection, a bit odd). […]

How Much Does it Cost to Feed My Dog?

How much should it cost to feed my dog? Does it really “break the bank” to feed your dog a premium 5-star commercial food? How does that cost compare with feeding your dog a home-made real-meat diet? Doesn’t it cost a fortune to feed your dog real chicken every day? What about those fancy grain-free high-quality […]

Recommended Dog Food

Question: Help! Dog Food… Sifting through all the dog food options is a nightmare! What do you recommend? Answer: Well, I don’t recommend commercial dog food at all, frankly, but I’m a realist. Most people feed their dogs manufactured dog food. I also keep some kibble around the house in case there is an emergency […]