Become a Breeder and I Will Help

Autumn's Puppies 2014

Many times a year I am approached or emailed by people interested in becoming a breeder. It is always a very good idea for would-be new breeders to seek out the guidance and mentorship of an experienced breeder.   We have a serious shortage of good breeders in North America and the hybrid breeds suffer […]

Questions to Ask A Breeder

When it comes time to interview breeders which questions should you ask? What matters? What answers are “deal breakers” and what answers are just a piece of the overall picture? I’m in the unique position of being able to share with you questions I recommend from the perspective of a breeder. I know how to […]

Hypoallergenic Dogs

Question: My wife and I are thinking about bringing a dog into our family. However, my allergies are very sensitive. Recently, my wife’s parents purchased an F2 cockapoo. I can tolerate this dog much better and I was even able to hold the dog. Although my allergies did not bother me as much as when […]