The Initial Investment Needed to Breed Dogs

This is a long article, but for the short of it you’ll need about $59,052  to begin a breeding program, nearly 2 years and about 2,200 hours of labor before you ever have a puppy in hand. Don’t let that scare you, though. (ok, how can it not?) You only need some of this upfront and the […]

Choosing a Breeder

If you’ve finally decided the time is right to start looking for a puppy then you know the hardest part is ahead of you. Oh-not choosing the puppy, of course, but choosing the breeder! Puppies are easy to pick out. They’re furry, wiggly, kissy and adorable… most of the time. I’m assuming that you’ve already […]

Hypoallergenic Dogs

Question: My wife and I are thinking about bringing a dog into our family. However, my allergies are very sensitive. Recently, my wife’s parents purchased an F2 cockapoo. I can tolerate this dog much better and I was even able to hold the dog. Although my allergies did not bother me as much as when […]