Part IV: When it isn’t an Infection

  Non-Infection Irritation Could your dog have no infectious organisms in his ear, yet still be inflamed, red and itchy or painful? Have you taken your dog to the vet and been shocked when the vet told you that your dog does not have an infection? Is that possible? Yes, it happens all the time, […]

Breed or Mongrel?

I adore the variety of dog known as the Cockapoo in the USA or the Spoodle in the UK and Australia. The American Cockapoo, specifically, is the breed of dog that I participate in the development of. I breed both the smooth-coated variety (affectionately known as “smoothies”) and the bearded variety (often depicted as the […]

Treadmills for Dogs

What is the best dog accessory? The best toy? The best training aid? That is simple. I can roll those all into one item. One awesome item that most people don’t have: the treadmill for Dogs No really. Doggie treadmills can make the difference between a dog going to the pound and a happy family companion. Many breeds have […]

Sweets, Snacks & Supplements, Oh My!

One of the greatest things about having a dog is teaching him/her fun tricks. Our dogs can do a wide array of tricks on command and the training is almost as fun as the final result! There is nearly no such thing as training without treats! You can teach your dog to respond to a […]