Part IV: When it isn’t an Infection

  Non-Infection Irritation Could your dog have no infectious organisms in his ear, yet still be inflamed, red and itchy or painful? Have you taken your dog to the vet and been shocked when the vet told you that your dog does not have an infection? Is that possible? Yes, it happens all the time, […]

Ear Health Part II: Preventing Ear Infections in Dogs

Have you read “Ear Health Part I: All About Ears” ? Proper ear cleaning is critical to avoid common ear ailments. My mother always said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and, as always with the maxims of mothers, this is worthy advice. With occasional maintenance and a few simple steps, […]

Ear Health Part I: All About Ears

I am often asked about ear health in Cockapoos, and indeed in many different dog breeds. As many people know (or suspect) drop-ear dogs can be prone to ear problems. These seem to be more prevalent in some breeds of drop-ear dogs than they are in others. The Cocker spaniel is well known for the […]