Coprophagia… Just Say No!

Coprophagia is the eating of one’s own fecal matter and the fancy term for the behavior that dogs sometimes exhibit… that is they can eat their own poop. This is in direct violation of my number one health recommendation for all humans and canines: Don’t Eat Poop! BUT WHY??? Many times this nasty and dangerous […]

Puppy Custard

1 ½ cups (12 oz) whole fat evaporated milk (cow or goat) 1 ½ cups hot water 1 cup whole fat plain or vanilla yogurt (no artificial sweeteners but it can contain sugar) 2 large egg yolks (whites can be included for puppies over 4 weeks of age if desired – I cook and serve […]

Best Dog Food for Sensitive Puppies

(Watch for part II, best kibble for sensitive puppies, coming soon.) This post is dedicated to a lovely lady who loves her dog (& who follows this blog). This particular pup has a very sensitive tummy. Once again, another nutrition-uneducated veterinarian shoved prescription food at the poor doggie-dear (that stuff is so horrible, it is […]

What is Your Bargain Puppy Really Costing You?

*The price of your puppy is LESS THAN 10% of the total cost of owning a dog!!*   Puppies are expensive because it costs a lot of money (and much more time than you think) to produce high quality puppies. What does it cost to raise a high quality litter of puppies? A whole lot more than […]

Toys! Toys! Toys!

Question: Help! There are so many different kinds of toys available for dogs, and some of them are really pricey. Which ones should I choose? Answer: There are as many toys out there as dog breeds. When choosing a dog toy you will have to consider the dog’s breed, size and most importantly, your dog’s […]

Hypoallergenic Dogs

Question: My wife and I are thinking about bringing a dog into our family. However, my allergies are very sensitive. Recently, my wife’s parents purchased an F2 cockapoo. I can tolerate this dog much better and I was even able to hold the dog. Although my allergies did not bother me as much as when […]