Is Your Dog Dominant?

Here is a really big, really important question: Is my puppy dominant? Or Is my rescue dominant? Or is my adult dog dominant? And I have the answer!   The fact is that your puppy is not dominant. Because dogs do not suffer from “dominant personality disorder” the way that people do. (I’m sure you’ve […]

Accepting a Collar and Leash

The first time your “wild” puppy has to wear a collar or harness can be a strange experience and the first exposure to the leash is often going to yield a less than impressed canine. Getting your puppy to accept this kind of free-confinement can be a bit tricky and many puppies rebel quite openly […]

Quick & Dirty; Potty Training

Potty Training: the Quick & Dirty Praise-Anticipate-Watch-Supervise P.A.W.S. and think when house-training; don’t punish for accidents!     Praise your puppy right as he finishes “going” in the right spot Anticipate his needs by scheduling your puppy Watch for potty cues: sniffing and circling indicate a need to “go” Supervise your puppy at all times […]

Treadmills for Dogs

What is the best dog accessory? The best toy? The best training aid? That is simple. I can roll those all into one item. One awesome item that most people don’t have: the treadmill for Dogs No really. Doggie treadmills can make the difference between a dog going to the pound and a happy family companion. Many breeds have […]