Autumn's Puppies 2014

Dog Breeding

This is a good place to come to learn all about what it takes to ethically breed dogs. These articles are not only important for those that think they might want to foray into the world of hobby breeding but also for anyone that loves dogs. It is important to know what the trends are in breeding and what is happening in the breeding community at large so we can continue to advocate for the production of healthy, beautiful dogs.

And it is really good to know what went into your puppy and where your money goes when you pay for a puppy.

Become a Breeder and I Will Help This is a basic introduction article about breeding and my pledge to help anyone that decides to give ethical, responsible breeding a try because we really do need more quality breeders in the world.

The True Profits in Dog Breeding: Is the price of your puppy outrageous? Those high-priced puppies must yield a tremendous income for the breeder, right? Not so fast. You can make a profit breeding dogs but you have to charge premium prices and put in half a decade of free labor and investment first.

The Initial Investment Needed to Breed Dogs: There are three expenses involved in dog breeding and the first one is the start up costs to get the business up and running. This is a detailed description of all the things a new breeder will need to buy as well as the extra things that the good, responsible and loving breeder will also buy (which will reduce any profit but won’t matter to the loving breeder). This description talks about launching head first into a full breeding program and isn’t about starting off with one or two breeding dogs, which is  a safer, cheaper and much slower way to go about finding out more about dog breeding.


How To Raise Exceptional Puppies

Producing Puppy Perfection – Understanding how to produce the very best puppies possible is critical in becoming a competent, knowledgeable and expert breeder. Of course what entails the “perfect dog” is highly variable. There are certain things, however, that remain constant across all breeds so read here to see what you will need to consider when developing your own practices and methods.

Sensory Stimulation – Capitalize on your puppies’ growth stages and help grow intelligent, confident and calm puppies.

DNA Testing for Coat Type – Coat type is very important to some families and learning to collect an accurate DNA sample for health tests and coat tests is essential to good breeding practices.

Early Temperament Evaluations – Not a how-to but a why and a how-to-use them. What do these evaluations mean for your litter?

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