Your Dog, Your Friend

All things doggy that don’t fit in anywhere else, and other musings.

  • Dog Years: How old is your dog really? 
  • My Dog Is Better Than Lassie, Is Yours? Sometimes Hollywood’s depiction of dogs rubs me the wrong way. They misrepresent the true nature of dogs and mislead people. This, I believe, leads to more homeless dogs as well as unethical breeders popping up to sell the newest Hollywood flavor of the week. So here is a small, warm proclamation for all dog lovers.
  • Important Lessons Owning a Dog Teaches Children: Lots of people believe owning a pet can be great for children. With proper parental guidance, owning a dog can teach important lessons such as responsibility, diligence and empathy. See what other important lessons are taught to children by the family dog.
  • Good Dogs Bite: sometimes dogs bite and it doesn’t always mean the dog is to blame. Learn what I think about rushing your dog to the shelter or vet’s for a death sentence the second the neighbor kid gets a nip for yanking an ear.

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