The True Profits in Dog Breeding-revised

It is really good to know the truth about what goes into your well-bred puppy (and what goes into poorly-bred puppies). It is important so that you can understand where your hard-earned money is going and what it is supporting. And, of course, if you’re considering breeding you’ll want to know the costs involved too.


Also it does help to give people a better perspective of the true expenses of breeding. Many people have the odd idea that breeders make a huge profit.


you’ll need $35,091  to begin a breeding program. You can be a scum-bag and scrape by and invest only about $16,000. You can read the breakdown of these expenses right HERE if you’re curious. But believe me when I tell you that this is the true cost and I’m being modest.



The breeder that charges $2500 definitely makes a profit but for the hours and hours of work involved they really earn their wage, which typically adds up to a pittance.


There are three main costs in breeding. You have your initial set-up costs. These are one-time expenses required to begin a breeding program. Any business costs money to start and breeding dogs is no exception. The investment is a big chunk of change. The second expense is that involved in maintaining your dogs each year. It costs quite a bit to keep your breeding stock alive, healthy and in breeding condition. And finally you have costs per litter. Each litter has its own expenses that must be paid for each and every litter that comes through.


Click the links (above and again right here) and explore each expense: Initial Investment needed to Breed Dogs, yearly business maintenance costs and per litter costs. And then I would love for you to read the True Profits in Breeding Part II


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