DNA Coat Test

Sometimes there is a good reason to want to know exactly what kind of coat a cockapoo puppy will grow up to have. Some people want a specific coat for maintenance purposes (and ease of) and sometimes people want to ensure they get a non-shedding dog for allergy or asthma reasons. Other times a family […]

The True Profits in Dog Breeding – Complete and Revised

It is really good to know the truth about what goes into your well-bred puppy (and what goes into poorly-bred puppies). It is important so that you can understand where your hard-earned money is going and what it is supporting. And, of course, if you’re considering breeding you’ll want to know the costs involved too. […]

Sensory Stimulation

When our puppies reach the “transitional period” of growth, that is, weeks 2-4 or so, they are really developing amazing use of their senses. Eyes and ears have opened up and these two senses grow ever more sharp as the days pass. Smell is sharper than ever and now the babies can begin to connect […]

Producing Puppy Perfection

We start with selecting the finest parents but that is only the very beginning. Creating dogs with stellar temperaments requires more than just putting two excellent parents together. We also provide our growing puppies with the best scientifically-proven methods available to produce smarter, more confident dogs that make amazing companions and dedicated workers. Want to […]

Tail Docking and Dewclaw Removal

Would you cut off a body part for beauty? Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and is most certainly dependent on the specific society making the judgment and their current trends and norms, it is an ever-changing, dramatically variable standard. What is beautiful today will be ugly in the blink of a […]

Choosing a Breeder

If you’ve finally decided the time is right to start looking for a puppy then you know the hardest part is ahead of you. Oh-not choosing the puppy, of course, but choosing the breeder! Puppies are easy to pick out. They’re furry, wiggly, kissy and adorable… most of the time. I’m assuming that you’ve already […]

Questions to Ask A Breeder

When it comes time to interview breeders which questions should you ask? What matters? What answers are “deal breakers” and what answers are just a piece of the overall picture? I’m in the unique position of being able to share with you questions I recommend from the perspective of a breeder. I know how to […]

The Perfect Dog

I have worked with many different dog breeds over the years but ultimately I chose this medium sized hybrid dog. Why did I select this dog for a breeding program and all my fascination? Easy I just picked the dog that is, in my opinion anyway, the perfect companion dog. The Cockapoo makes an amazing family pet for […]

What is Your Bargain Puppy Really Costing You?

*The price of your puppy is LESS THAN 10% of the total cost of owning a dog!!*   Puppies are expensive because it costs a lot of money (and much more time than you think) to produce high quality puppies. What does it cost to raise a high quality litter of puppies? A whole lot more than […]